Where’d it go?

Well another week (and weekend) has whizzed by. Once again, missing many of things I had intended to do. I realize I may need to set myself some specific blog targets. How often to write? What to write? How about some sneaky ‘weekly’ ideas to up the post count? That does feel a little like a cheat’s way of getting out of doing my homework, although I do enjoy that structure on other blogs I read regularly. Funny how I can keep up with them easier than I can my own!

Time is such an odd thing. You’d expect it to be precise. An hour is an hour. It’s sixty minutes. It’s quite a lot of seconds. (Maths isn’t my strong point.) But it doesn’t actually work like that. An hour spent chatting with a good friend isn’t half as long as hour spent deep cleaning the kitchen. As my grandpa used to say when encouraging early nights, “An hour before midnight is worth two after.”

I’ve realised lately that making the most of time is a skill I need to improve on. I am getting there – I miss swimming regularly and know I need to do some exercise yet have so little time. So I’ve got into gardening with gusto. My hour in the gym is an hour in the garden. It fits in with my life, gets me out in the fresh air, and (hopefully) I get to enjoy the results too.

I went to give blood yesterday (if you don’t, you should – blood.co.uk) and looked on with envy at those who’re well ahead of me in the making the most of time test. A significant number of those waiting had come prepared with a book. So keeping a book in my bag is my next lesson learnt.

Anyway, I must get on…


Loo and behold

I recently took a trip to Scotland. It was a good 7 hour drive – or 12 hours with a little one and plenty of stops. It was definitely more relaxing taking our time and stopping often, including a couple of hours in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. But this isn’t about anything as lovely as the architectural delights or stunning scenery captured along the way – nope, it’s about the bogs. The loos. The toilets. The ladies. A fair few of which we encountered along the way.

To be precise, it’s about the loos at our very last stop off point. It was their cleanliness that struck me – more reminiscent of a posh hotel than a roadside caff. The kind of cleaning where it’s clear there’s been a good scrub and polish at least once a day over some considerable time, rather than a halfhearted effort every now and then.

The fact that they cared so much about this area of their business (and yours) gave me great confidence in the kitchen. I imagine it was gleaming too.

I’m slightly worried I’m sounding like an oddball. But seriously, the difference was so notable I did consider commenting on it to staff. I mean you compliment the kitchen, tip the waiters, so why not offer the same gratitude to the cleaners?

In fact, it’s still bugging me a little that I didn’t give them their well-deserved accolade. Perhaps that’s why I’m writing this post. I wish I could remember the name of the place. But if you ever find yourself heading north on the A90 just south of Aberdeen, look out for the sparkling porcelain. If nothing less, it may temporarily blind you.

The first post

So this is my ‘first post’. The bit where I should probably sum up what this blog is all about. But if I’m really honest, I’m not yet sure. I’ve not had a blog for quite some time and the last (and only) one I had was more directly linked to my work.

This – well, who knows?

I write. I like to write. I don’t write as much as I’d like to write. That’s enough for now. Let’s just wait and see what happens.