Where there’s a will

Sometimes a word just bugs me. Not in a words I like and dislike kind of way (kerfuffle springs to mind on the positives). No, the word that’s got my goat lately is ‘unwilling’.

You see, in the 4G contract sale that didn’t raise as much as expected, the reason was said to be the fact EE hadn’t sold as many contracts as expected. This was because people are ‘unwilling’ to pay more for faster downloads.

Really? Is the term you’re looking for really ‘unwilling’? Or is it ‘unable’? The fact we’re in a big fat financial crisis that means people are struggling to pay for food and energy seems to have been ignored. That food banks are springing up around the country and payday loans are prevalent has gone unnoticed. That faster download speeds might not be top of the average Joanna’s priorities has not been recognised. It intrigues me to wonder who coined this expression. Was it an impressive piece of political spin? Or lazy journalism by people far removed from real life?

I’d be willing to pay more. And I’d be willing to pay more to be awoken every morning by three chirpy little birds flying to my window and tweeting reggae tunes before being chauffeured to work by a bi-lingual Dalmatian on a candyfloss-powered motorcycle. But alas, no matter how much willing I show, I am currently unable.