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Thank you to whoever typeset this wonderful quote so beautifully (so I could grab this screenshot many moons ago).



Not black and white

Pantone have created a new colour guide – 110 colours that represent skin tones. You can see more about it here.


It seems like quite an odd thing right away, but when you consider its uses it’s a wonderful thing. Not only in fashion and cosmetics, but in creating prosthetics. I’ve always been amazed at the fact sticking plasters are almost exclusively available in a that odd pinky peachy so-called ‘flesh’ tone. Only one flesh tone doesn’t exist – as these 110 colours show.

And as my niece pointed out as a 6 year old, “People aren’t black and white. Zebras are black and white.” You can’t argue with that.


EDIT: My indepth research A quick google search saw ‘plasters for black people’ come up on autotype and a 2 year old Guardian article talks of them being available. (Couldn’t find any on Boots website though.)