Copywriting car crash

This upsets me.

It was recently at the top of the Video Viral chart. It didn’t stay there for long. I’m not surprised. A celebration of 80 years of one the greatest toys ever created – and they created this. I hope they’re hanging their (square, yellow) heads in shame.

You have a great brand. You have a great story. You have a significant budget.

Like the product itself, here was a brief that was full of potential. A little inspiration, a little innovation, a little imagination and you could create a magnificent little film to celebrate Lego’s history.

I can just about get over the pronunciation of Ley-go. But who in their wrong mind wrote this horrendous excuse for a script?

It reads like a factory tour presentation video. And a badly written one at that. I couldn’t watch it all. Yet I couldn’t help but skip to see if it improved. It only got worse. The man who invented Lego had imagination, talent, innovation coarsing through his veins. Yet they imagined, as he was inspired to create Lego, he said:

“Children have only been offered ready-made solutions. They need something different that will strengthen their imagination and creativity.”

He didn’t. I’m sorry – he just didn’t. No one speaks like that. Only terrible third-rate marketing presentations to fourth-rate accountancy folks drone like that. And even then they deserve to be shot.

Even if they insisted on following this dull format, at least give the man some personality. Ready-made solutions? It makes me want to cry. It makes me want to buy Mega Bloks.

Lego fans deserved so much more. These are people who will do things like this.

Lego should apologise to them for this 17 minutes of shame.

They should remember that once upon a time they brought you this…

Simple. Imaginative. Joyous.

Just like Ley-go should always be.


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