Sometimes we don’t know where things will take us. Sometimes that’s the point.

Today I inspired someone to do nothing.

Perhaps that doesn’t sound like much of an achievement but it’s one I’m very proud of. A good long chat with a fantastic friend (one with a clinical aversion to sitting still) led to her proclamation that I had inspired her… to do nothing.


Of course, when she says nothing she means reading a book, watching the world pass by, simply sitting. There can be a lot goes into doing nothing. There’s a lot went into our conversation about doing nothing. Including a talk I watched earlier – John Cleese on Creativity. (I’ve had it ready to watch for so long I’ve forgotten who’s blog to credit finding it with – apologies if it was yours.)


One of the things he talks about is the importance of play. Play has no outcome, no goals – its purpose is play. But it’s through play that we discover things. Things we sometimes didn’t even know we were looking for.


Even committing myself to sitting down to watch the 36minute YouTube video felt like doing very little (I can’t bring quite myself to class it as nothing – I might not have the time to put it into practice lately, but I certainly know how to do nothing). But that particular ‘nothing/very little’ was instrumental in a great conversation that served a vitally important purpose.


I hope to continue doing very little in order to inspire nothing.


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